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China Pingzhou Double Deck Modern Portable Prefabricated Apple Cabin Project

Jun 03, 2024

Product Name: Double deck Modern Portable Prefabricated Apple Cabin


Location: Pingzhou, Foshan, China

The appearance of the fashion trend of streamlined design, the house is multi functional facilities with furniture, the whole house uses high quality corrosion resistant composite materials, orientation and insulation measures so that the house can maintain the best heat dissipation effect throughout the year, the hotel apartment is livable Movable and expandable house.

The courtyard space of detached house is a private space with strong privacy, which is open in the center and closed outside. The courtyard has a strong sense of places, and provides a good place for people to gather and communicate. Modern detached house courtyard space can carry people more complex and diverse activities.

Through visual, auditory and olfactory senses, people can enjoy the fresh air and the fragrance of flowers and plants. Enjoy the comfort and relaxation provided by recreational facilities; Enjoy the sunshine when watering flowers and mowing grass; Listen to the sound of running water, enjoy the leisurely nature. Although the landscape combination is ever-changing, there can be a variety of choices, but there are still certain rules at all.




The landscape design of outdoor courtyard space is an important feature and the biggest advantage of detached house different from ordinary house, so it is also the design focus of detached house project. Planning and design make the detached house have a variety of outdoor space patterns, which can maximize the advantages of detached house.

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