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China Shunde Composite House Packing Box Container House Project

Jun 03, 2024

Product Name: Combination House Packing Box Container House

Location: Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong

The sleek design of the exterior, the smooth shell, the multi-functional one bedroom with furniture, the use of high quality corrosion resistant composite materials throughout the house, and the extra thick steel floor to ceiling windows mean that you can enjoy the coastal views. Orientation and insulation allow the house to maintain optimal heat dissipation throughout the year. The Serviced Apartments are livable, mobile and expandable houses with expansive views of the ocean and landscape from the inside, and the use of sustainable materials to ensure the quality of the products makes your stay safe and comfortable.

Wide beauty master bedroom, independent cloakroom, courtesy of your distinguished independent master bedroom, large wave window design, wide vision of life Take in the city scenery Living room and dining room are interrelated and independent, show the host life etiquette More balcony design, sunshine scenery must not be missed

The dining room is separated from the kitchen and has its own independent space, enjoying the wonderful taste of life. Minimalist fashion small apartment, practical first. Living room, dining room close at hand, connected space value. Entrance design, interpretation of unlimited wonderful. Open kitchen, dining room and kitchen no barrier, convenient dining, south to the viewing balcony design, so that life and the environment blend.




Large swing space, more than enough for cooking and family gathering.

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